Thanksgiving Festivities

Traditions are such a lovely thing this time of year, and there’s something so comforting about going through holiday routines. We’ve changed out Thanksgiving traditions a few times in the recent past, and our most current iteration is quite a fun one. 

It starts with the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade. Always festive, always freezing. Afterwards it’s a relief to get back in the car and warm up as we head to White Castle for breakfast burgers and fries. Then it’s home to digest in front of the fire, doing not much at all.


Around 6 pm the table is set with Autumn themed napkins and the most delicious spread of food. We’re a smaller group with the Chicago family staying at their place for this holiday, but it’s still fun and festive. By the end, everyone including the dog is in a massive food coma. But not to worry, we perk right back up when pie and whipped cream are mentioned!


Then it’s back to the fire to digest some more before turning in early to sleep off a days worth of eating ourselves silly with amazing food. 

I also got to go to Eastern Market over break, a weekend routine in Detroit. We decorated the tree with all our favorite ornaments, and found time to do ornament shopping and dinner with my Grandma as well. The best traditions with the best company, what more could I ask for?