October & November Recap

The past two months have gone like the wind and I’m still trying to catch up to the time! Since I missed my monthly recap in October, here’s a lovely double recap to cover both October and November, also my whole time living here in the city!

  • NYC move
    • It’s now been two months since I moved to New York and the novelty of it still hasn’t aged a day. I love it here, every new place I go and thing I try seems more fun than the last, even if I’m just staying in for the night. The magic of the city is palpable and I love the energy here.
  • Nike Running App & Prospect Park Runs
    • The best way to exercise since I’ve moved has been running, which is also a major reason why I chose the apartment I did. It’s too easy to walk across the street and have the whole park at my disposal for jogging or walking. Since my beloved Apple watch broke I’ve been using the Nike Run app again until I can replace it, and it’s reminded me why I love the app in the first place. Racking up the miles and keeping track this way keeps me motivated even as it gets colder.
  • Brunch
    • If you didn’t catch my brunch post, I suggest you give it a look unless you’re hungry. Looking at an A+ vegan waffle is almost as satisfying as eating one, right? I’ve already been to too many brunches here to count, each more amazing than the last and I never want it to end.
  • AMC A-List
    • Read the full post if you’re intrigued, but let me say how amazing it is to go to as many movies as I could dream of, basically for free. I can’t explain how much this has changed my world. It’s my new favorite thing.
  • Harry Potter
    • I recently started rereading the Harry Potter series on whim since it’s been yeas since I read the series. It’s like childhood on pages, as comforting to come back to as any home. Such a timeless classic that will always transport me back to reading as a child and I’ll never get tired of it.
  • Bryant Park Christmas Markets
    • It’s no coincidence that I’ve gone more than once every weekend since I first went. Bryant Park is a magical Christmas wonderland right now, with the lights, the food, the skating and the huge tree. It makes you happy in an instant. It’s like the Tiffany’s to my Holly Golightly.

I can’t wait to spend another magical holiday month in this city and review in my 2018 recap next month!