Project Juice

I’m a sucker for a good smoothie but let me tell you, they aren’t as easy as they look. Not for me anyways; mine always end up the consistency of soup and tasting somewhat off. But nothing is easier, tastier, or healthier than these instant smoothies that come straight to your doorstep. I’m a huge fan, especially given the steep discount given on your first order. I’ve adored every flavor so far and even better, I love that all if have to do is put the frozen ingredients in a blender, add water, and press a button. It’s too tasty and easy to not love! Plus the adorable packaging doesn’t hurt. Sadly the remaining smoothies are being held hostage at home because there’s really no way for me to bring them back to NYC without them thawing, but as if there wasn’t enough to look forward to with the holiday right around the corner, now I get to go home to smoothies!

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Starts out in these adorable cups with plastic lids that are fitted for a straw so you can use it as a to-go cup after blending!


This one is slightly freezer burned due to someone opening it (?) and leaving it in the freezer but it still tasted delicious because ice doesn’t ruin smoothies, hello. 


Add water, blend.


A delicious and instant smoothie that rather pleasingly matched my fleece!