Short Skirt, Long Boots

A cold front hit NYC like a train this weekend bringing below 0 windchill and miserable temperatures regardless. So of course I took outdoor pictures. Honestly there wasn’t much difference with or without my coat, which is either a testament to cashmere or to how I need a thicker coat.

Either way I ventured out to one of my favorite nearby Brooklyn spots, the arch and the library across from it. In warmer months there’s a farmer’s market right where I was standing for some of these (maybe they do it in the winter too, Lord knows I don’t venture out for outdoor produce in the winter months). The library is one of my favorites because I passed on my first walk around the park, on my way to brunch with a friend way back in the Fall. It’s decadent exterior is eye catching and gorgeous. I ventured inside after these photos and safe to say I’ll be getting a new library card ASAP.

While I can’t recommend wearing this short a skirt without tights in this weather, it is one of my favorite outfits for a nice dinner or drinks in the city. Turtlenecks are my undisputed winter uniform, but this one pairs so well with this super flattering skirt and my new favorite boots.

I’ve linked similar items and my exact boots, a steal price for a piece that’s easily ruined by salty streets and sticky bar floors. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can shop the widget, with more skirt options linked. My favorite is linked here, under $60 and super similar. The bag and turtleneck are nearly identical and bargain prices as well.


Turtleneck / Skirt / Boots / Purse



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