Wild Wild Winter

Venturing out into Manhattan on Monday was a full event due to the cold combined with the windchill. But sometimes you just really need (or want) to go to Target, and you want to go to the Tribeca one so you can visit the Chobani cafe. Well, in a not surprising but very disappointing turn of events, Chobani was closed. But the Target trip was well worth it thanks to replenished snack supplies, winter accessories, and a post-errands Starbucks. (I don’t think I can physically walk by the Starbucks in the Oculus on the way to the Subway without stopping.) A huge furry coat didn’t hurt either. My advice when the weather is this nasty? Layers, loads of them, and all of the winter wear accessories (scarf, hat or earmuffs, gloves or mittens). You’ll probably never regret wearing them but you will definitely regret not wearing them on a night like this.

I’ve linked two fabulous similar coats that won’t break the bank, shop the widget below the pictures to find both options. I’ve also linked similar items for everything and my exact backpack (a necessity for hands free on the go!) and boots, aka the warmest winter footwear out there.


Coat / Jeans / Boots / Scarf / Gloves / Socks / Backpack / Ear Muffs


And a wild Kate in her natural habitat (waiting for the Q, chugging a Starbucks)…



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