One World Observatory

As the highlight of my January, my brother and friends visited the first weekend after the holiday. We did all the natural touristy things (eating a lot, basically all the time). One of my favorite activities of the weekend was going to the top of the one world trade center. It’s the first “top of the building” touristy thing I’ve done here in NYC and personally I think it’s probably the most enjoyable in the winter thanks to the lack of outdoor space. The view was stunning, even on a grey day (not cloudy though, we aren’t that stupid).

If you’re planning a trip to NYC in the winter I highly recommend this one. It costs ~$40 to go to the top without any extras and we didn’t feel extras were necessary. I think it’s one of the New York “tourist traps” that’s worth the investment, especially since it was our one big touristy activity over the weekend. There’s also a restaurant at the top where you can eat or get coffee if you want to make it more of a destination or extended event. Based on my experience dining at the top of the Hancock building in Chicago, I would hazard a guess that this is a super great idea, can’t beat savoring the view over food and conversation.