Saturday Union Square

The weather has taken a turn for the lovely this week in New York. It’s suddenly comfortable to be out in a sweater and light coat which is a welcome change after a couple days of bitter Michigan-like cold. The weather in general is quite nice, and a past weekend was spent walking through Union Square on the way to Panera, the movies, the Farmer’s Market set up in the square. Despite the trees being bare there’s always plenty of foot traffic in the city so people and dog watching was not a disappointment. My trusty turtleneck and riding boot combo was the perfect coverage for a mild NYC winter day with outdoor walking and indoor sitting at the movies. I’m already looking forward to this weekend when I can basically repeat this routine all over again. Even though I’m doing the same mundane things it’s in a city with something new and wonderful to look at around every corner.


Turtleneck / Jeans / Boots / Coat / Hat & Scarf / Backpack



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