Fly By February

Time here seems to move exceptionally fast, or maybe it’s just time in general these days. The months fly by especially when they’re filled with fun events and celebrations, and February was a special on for a few reasons. I’m a sucker for holidays so Valentine’s Day was a highlight, but even more so because I was home as of the night before. I was able to bake cookies at home all morning and hang out with my Mom and Ed. So really, a perfect morning. That night I went to East Lansing to visit the old Alma Mater for Joe’s birthday. It was special to see everybody and to witness Joe’s “first” time at the bars.

Unfortunately my trip home didn’t last the full weekend, but it was some condolence that I was headed to another West Point dinner. This one was cocktail attire rather than black tie, which was lucky for me as I came straight from the airport. The dinner was amazing as always, and hearing former Twitter CFO speak was an even bigger treat. The speakers at the dinners are always West Point grads who speak to relevant lessons for a West Point cadet, however many that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing have impressive business resumes as well, which being my area of study, is very convenient.

My best friend from college moved to the city that weekend and we were able to have a night out the next Friday at my regular Friday night spot 1OAK. It was a fun night of course, even if i don’t remember every detail… but having Amy here has been so much fun. February is always a short month but it was action packed and a stand-out thanks to holidays, birthdays, and events.


This guy is a highlight of being home.


Holidays and hearts, two of my favorite things. Oh, and cookies. 


Finally legal! And still getting yelled at by Mom…


The night before, when the bars of EL were hardly prepared for us.


Then straight to upstate New York for some finery.


Mastered avocado toast, pictured here with a regular egg but my new specialty is poached all thanks to my Mom’s instructions.


And after all that… ended up at 1OAK.