March Madness

As was expected, March flew by in the blink of an eye. Sorting through my photos for the month there was a predictable theme: fantastic food. Honestly my favorite thing about living in NYC has to be the never ending list of amazing restaurants and the wide range of choices. I tried plenty of lovely new restaurants in March as evidenced below in the photos I took before digging into everything from pierogis to bao. It was a month for exploring the city as the weather thawed a little bit, and I’m more excited than ever for the prospects of Spring and Summer (especially after eating at this year’s first outdoor Smorgasbord, but more on that in a later post). Regarding the name of this post, it’s worth mentioning that my alma mater made it to the Final Four of the March Madness tournament. That was an exciting prospect in March, and although we lost over the weekend I remain hopeful for next year!

The month kicked off with a lovely “staycation” in Fidi. Time was well spent finding hidden gems like the casual art gallery filled with lush plants across from the hotel, and the old poster shop happened upon while wandering. It’s funny to think now of how snowy that weekend was! That did not deter me from having Milk Bar ice cream however.

A new favorite across the street from my friend’s apartment in the Lower East Side, The Bao. An intimate setting with delicious food, we managed to go there twice in March and sample dan dan noodles, the scallion pancake, Shanghai noodles, pork buns, and every variation of bao (pork, crab, and wasabi,).

A Saturday brunch with my girlfriends at a cute Fidi spot, La Parisienne. Just look at that syrup soaked piece of French Toast! Le magnifique (I don’t speak French so that is most definitely incorrect). Post-french-toast shopping at the Century 21 and exploring in Soho made the day leisurely and exciting. Nothing is better than wandering the streets with close friends.

Another fun (and free!) weekend activity: walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It’d been at least a year since the last time we had ventured across and it was equally breathtaking this time. The views are unbeatable from above the river, and the bridge itself is a sight to see.

I visited Dominique Ansel’s Soho bakery multiple times this month, as well as the West Village bakery. Splitting pastries with a friend while catching up is truly enjoyable. I also managed to try the March cronut, Earl Grey with jam. It was beyond delicious of course.

Possibly the highlight of my month: the James Bay concert at the Beacon. Amy and I waited after even though it was a work night and managed to get into a picture right next to our favorite singer! It was a lively night and a most fantastic show. The next night, despite being over tired from the concert, I went to the quarterfinals for basketball and indulged in pizza and a hot pretzel while taking in the game at Madison Square Garden. Later in the month Amy and I also visited the Macy’s flower show to view all the beautiful fresh flowers before dinner at Turnstyle.

And more food of course! After the Macy’s show we headed the underground market, Turnstyle, for some Bolivian Llama Party. The saltaña was delicious, unlike anything I’d tried before, and I was instantly hooked. I finally visited the Dekalb food hall to eat rather than rushing past on my way to Trader Joe’s, and had these tasty pierogis. I had been craving pierogis for some time and these more than satisfied that craving. I’ll definitely be back for more soon. Finally, my newest Trader Joe’s obsession founded through the sample section of course: Yellow Tadka Dal. Served over rice it is a delicious and filling sauce and incredibly easy dinner. You just pop the whole bag in the microwave for two minutes and then enjoy!

April is already off to a wonderful start and I can’t wait to share more NYC highlights! In the meantime, I’ll be eating way to much delicious food as per usual.