April Showers

As predicted, time continues to fly by. It almost seems like April didn’t even happen, but luckily it did and it was full of fun memories as Spring made its first appearances in the city. Having a taste of warmer weather has made me very excited for Summer despite warnings of extreme NYC heat. Especially since today NYC is overcast with nonstop rain (but it is giving me a great excuse to sit on my couch and watch Netflix).

April was full of food and sightseeing around Manhattan, starting with a weeknight dinner at Eataly after a post-work stroll through the Oculus. That weekend was spent in the nice weather on the waterfront of the west side of Manhattan before walking through Chelsea Market.

And of course more food, including a day spent at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn sampling more than a few of the food stall’s offerings. Smorgasburg is held every Sunday in the park directly across from my apartment. The food is always amazing, including the colorful bao pictured (pork, lamb, chicken, and “impossibau” – which was vegetarian meat).

My Dad visited the city the next weekend and stayed in Columbus Circle, which was a change of pace from Brooklyn. My friend Taylor joined us for shopping at Coach after brunch at Bouchon Bakery.

I saw my first Broadway show a few blocks from the hotel, My Fair Lady. It was amazing and the dinner at the Smith after was almost better. Dessert was a s’mores cup with multiple layers of fudge and pudding, as good as it looks of not better.

The weekend views were amazing, and the great food continued as well. I got to try Sarabeth’s finally and beyond the amazing food, the decor was beautiful.

The views of Manhattan only got better as the month progressed, with Bryant Park’s grass looking greener than anything I’ve ever seen, and the World Trade Center looking gorgeous from my office.

More food highlights: the April cronut from Dominique Ansel was delicious, we found a new favorite brunch spot that has $5 banana walnut pancakes drowning in whipped cream, and I got to visit my favorite smoothie bowl place in the city, Loco Coco.

After seeing pictures on Instagram, a spontaneous trip to Roosevelt Island was made to see the blossoms. It was beautiful despite being overcast, and worth exploring the island for.

And to round things out, I got a box of protein pancake mix from Influenster that has been rocking my world every weekend, the views from the bridge are still wondrous even after six months here, and I got to try a fabulous thai restaurant in Midtown that put my pad thai into an intriguing tower.

It was a wonderful month full of my favorites foods, people, and sights in NYC. I really am excited for what’s to come with summer in the city because every month seems better than the last.