Looking Back on May

Time seems to be flying by at an increasingly breakneck pace. I’m not sure if it’s the seasons or my perception but it seems ridiculous to me that it’s already nearly July (and I’m just now catching up on May). May was a wonderful hello to warmer weather and all of the fun social implications that come with a season that coaxes us from hibernation tendencies.

The first weekend was spent avoiding rain and brunching at a new favorite, San Marzano, where I had an amazingly fluffy omelette and David had bottomless mimosas.After we went to Showfields, a unique shopping experience that showcases a variety of boutique brands in their fun and artsy space, complete with branded cappuccinos. When we visited Bumble was doing a takeover (we got free lattes for downloading!). Normally the cafe offers a variety of luxury brand logos to personalize your coffee with. After we got lost in the outdoor offerings at The Strand, buying our weight in used books. Quite a well rounded day if you ask me.

The month kicked off in earnest next week with two huge projections finally wrapping up at work, and a birthday celebration. While this wasn’t my first birthday away from home (I turned 21 in Shanghai), it was unique in that I was celebrating in my new home. My family more than made up for it with gifts arriving in advance, cards in the mail, and flowers at work. Plus I was surprised with a last minute dinner date at a restaurant I’ve been dying to try since I visited last August and first saw the place. Bombay Bread Bar definitely lived up to every expectation, especially for a transitioning vegetarian (the cauliflower roast is amazing).

that weekend my girlfriends and I trekked our to Flushing, Queens for some amazing Chinese food. The experience was fun and the food delicious, the subway commute none of the above. That week I took a trip home after being away since February. It was a whirlwind filled with good food and family time, but Joe had drove out to DC the same day I drove in so his absence was felt over the weekend. It was still an amazing break surrounded by close friends and continuously eating delicious food.

The next weekend was Memorial Day, and while I had a long weekend from work to celebrate it was hardly a break. David graduated from West Point which meant ceremonies, dinners, and dressing up. From the initial parade Friday morning, to the dinner at the head table next to the Chief of Staff of the Army, to the official graduation with Mike pence speaking, everything had a degree of pomp and circumstance above what I had experienced at any other graduation. After a dinner hosted by his friends I headed back to the city, where Joe had driven in from DC. We spent the weekend boozy brunching (back at San Marzano), wandering the streets of Manhattan, and enjoying a celebratory dinner at La Mercerie, which I’d been dying to try. The food was delicious and we followed it with a visit to the bar for casual drinks.

May was quick, eventful, and more fun than I imagined, but this seems to be a continuing trend that I’m perfectly okay with.