Jump Through June

June brought heat, rain, and plenty of fun new adventures as seems to be par for the course these days. It kicked off with a stellar weekend in D.C. visiting Joe in his summer home withe some college friends. We saw landmarks, museums, and hit the bars without doing any permanent damage.


The next week I met a close friend for after-work pasta in Little Italy (always a good idea). We ended the night with a stroll through the area, nearby where I work but the scenery never gets old. The week continued with an ice cream popup at work which made for a fun mid-afternoon break on the 15th floor terrace at my office.


The next weekend one of my best high school friends came for a visit and we outdid ourselves having a great time. We shopped, had tacos and cheap cocktails, and ended up at speakeasies our first night. We visited Coney Island, a first for me, and went on the two biggest roller coasters (not a first, still not my chosen liesure activity). We headed back and after a huge adventure involving NYC transit ended up at a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place for a dumpling dinner. No frills in the restaurant or on the pricing list, we left full and happy. That night we had homemade mojitos before hitting one of my favorite LES bars. Sunday we visited Smorgasburg in Prospect Park then met some friends at Supermoon Bakehouse.


That week a friend and I grabbed dinner nearby at Brooklyn at what turned out to be a fantastic Thai place. The food and the decor were on point and we had a great time catching up post-work. I walked home and got to enjoy the local Brooklyn sights, something I don’t do often enough. That Friday, some friends and I enjoyed a picnic on Roosevelt Island. The Island sits in the middle of the East River, offering great views of the bridge. The rest of the weekend was mostly spent dog walking, my new favorite past time for weekends in the city (of which there aren’t many).


The next week brought another dinner with friends in Chinatown before fancy pastries at a nearby pastry shop. We wandered Little Italy (again, frequent haunt) before parting ways. That weekend I flew home to meet both my high school best friends at the west side of Michigan for a day at the lake. Deep dish pizza, ice cream, and my best friends made it a perfect weekend.


My final weekend in June was spent where it began, back in D.C. This time it was just Joe and I and we had a grand time sight seeing yet again, enjoying great food, and catching up with an old friend. His apartment has a pool which was a Godsend in the 90 degree heat. We managed to sneak a swim in before I headed back to NYC on the trusty (and slow) old Megabus.


As always, Summer and life in general are proving to be amazing and short lived. I’m trying to slow down July already, but if the time has to pass at least it passes with amazing memories.