A Beachside Holiday

Holidays have always been my absolute favorite be it Valentine’s Day or Christmas, especially now when it’s a good excuse to go home and see the family and I did just that for the Fourth of July this year. Joe and I flew in from our respective East Coast cities to meet the rest of the family and head to the west side of Michigan to the new extended family meeting place, a cottage in South Haven.

Legendary sunsets every night? Yes, please. Always enhanced by ice cream or bringing dogs along to the lookout point.

Hot enough to swim in Lake Michigan is perfect Michigan weather. We enjoyed cooling off in the waves everyday we were there, setting up camp at the beach two blocks from the house.

Of course we couldn’t resist the beach shot… Claire made it up for some time despite always being hard at work in the lab. Definitely worth it for the seaside pictures I’m sure.

We spent the long weekend eating delicious big dinners follow by summery desserts, after long days swimming in the waves of Lake Michigan. It was perfect weather, hot enough to swim but cool enough for sitting on the covered porch and talking.


Michigan summers will always have a special place in my heart and the fourth included all the highlights of a perfect summer. Lake swimming, ice cream, sitting and talking through dinner into the night with all members of the family, and dogs laying around exhausted from the sun and begging for scraps from dinner. It was a magical weekend, and one I can’t wait to revisit on the next trip to my home state.