Hello Goodbye, July

It’s hard to believe we’re now in the final month of the three month stretch widely accepted as Summer, but somehow it’s already August. July was by in the blink of an eye but it was full of summer perfection, starting with a wonderful holiday weekend back in Michigan by the lake.

South Haven Beach

After taking the red eye back to NYC and heading straight to work (thank you, Starbucks), ut was a quiet week with dinner with friends and a much needed weekend at home spent lying low in my apartment. I enjoyed “slowing down” in New York for a bit. After work the next week I wandered up to Bryant park to read near the library (a fascinating JFK biography) before witnessing “manhattanhenge.” This fun NYC event refers to the sun setting between the buildings of the city’s grid, making for some pretty blinding sunset views. My favorite part was the crowd loitering in the street, and the surprising acceptance of (most) of the cars trying to get through.

NYC Architecture

NYC LibraryManhattanhengeManhattanhengeManhattanhenge 42ndBryant Park

I was very glad to have had a slow weekend when the next week came to pass, kicking off with our office summer party just north of the city at a country club. I had lobster for lunch and sat by the water in the heat before heading back to the city early for a movie. A relaxing Tuesday compared to a usual workday! Thursday was my close friend’s birthday dinner at one of my favorites, Bombay Bread Bar. The two of use caught up over chutney and celebrated with naan a plenty followed by fro yo. We went out to bars the next night in celebration since she turned 21 and this right of passage was necessary, despite her being British and impartial to alcohol. We had an amazing time and I managed to drag myself home in time for two hours of sleep (with coffee, you CAN do it all). The next morning I was up and out the door on the early bus to DC to meet Joe, David, and my Dad.

Homemade brunchNYC Street ViewNYC street viewNYC country clubPenn Station NYCGNO NYCNYC GNO

We trekked through the city and its surroundings despite the massive heat wave, stopping for AC in museums when necessary and enjoying more than a fair share of delicious food. All too soon the weekend was over and it was back to New York. The week passed quickly with mid week drinks with my girls, and before I knew it the family was in for an action packed weekend.

Washington DCWashington DC Tourist

NYC rooftop barLittle Italy NYCCemetery NYCNathan’s hot dog NYC


Even writing through it the month seems short, but that’s the nature of life these days not to mention summer in general. Though the time is passing impossibly quickly, at least its all with enjoyable memories to keep.