Freeman’s Brunch

Mid-August I got to go to a restaurant that’s been on my list since I moved to NYC and a friend walked me by. Freeman’s is located at the end of an alley that’s filled with colorful art and murals. Walking to the restaurant is an adventure in itself, and the front entryway is cheery and aesthetically pleasing despite the fact that it’s situated at the end of an alley.

We went for brunch and I had the most amazing pancakes I’ve possibly ever had, infused with the taste of maple syrup with strawberries and candied pistachios on top. Not the first candied nut I’d expect, but so delicious. David got the chicken sandwich and was properly blown away. The experience was lovely, the food even better, and the sunny day completed by the perfect pancakes. The bonus that is basically a museum outside the front door is not to be discounted either.

Freeman’s NYC Style

I wore a light sundress, perfect for the warm but breezy weather, and a pair of shoes that I bought well before the summer season on sale at the Soho Steve Madden. I’d been wanting a pair like this for so long it seemed wrong not to go for them on sale. The exact shoes are linked, and still on sale! My Kate Spade tote, a wonder at fitting everything I love to pack-mule carry around and a Christmas gift from my NYC bestie, completed the look. Linked are two similar dresses (#1 is only $32), a similar Kate Spade bag as mine is sold out, my shoes (on sale under $50) and similar super cheap sunglasses.

Similar: Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Bag / Shoes / Sunglasses

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After wandering Union Square and seeing The Farewell, courtesy of our AMC A-List memberships, we picked up Chinese at one of my favorite Chinatown places before heading home. Dumplings on the couch with The Office in the background is the perfect end to any day in my book.