Fire Island & Southampton

With the long holiday weekend stretched before us and not much going on in the city, David and I decided to take a day trip while we had a car at our disposal. We threw around ideas of Boston and Connecticut, but ended up staying local and visiting Fire Island and Southampton. We hit the road after a morning run without many expectations for the day but ready for an adventure.

We arrived on the island and I was delighted by the seaside atmosphere, the sand and beach plants on either side of the road and the large houses outfitted in the traditional seaside decor of cedar shake.We rolled the windows down and cruised down the island, taking in the rows of houses on either side. At the end of the road we paid to park in a lot and got out to cross the crest of the beach and see the ocean. The day was warm, but the wind off the water made it quite cool right on the shore.

Fire IslandFire IslandFire IslandFire IslandFire IslandFire Island

We wandered down the beach collecting shells and pretty rocks, being buffeted by the wind. After a long stretch we reached the end of the island, which looks out to the next small stretch of land. Walking up towards the center of the island, which is above eye level from the waves, you can see over to the water on both sides, showcasing how thin the island is . After walking back, we hit the snack shack which offered some pretty fancy options including a full array of seafood, lobster rolls, and pasta, which was intriguing. We went with chicken fingers and friend and a delicious bean burger on ciabatta for me.
We went back to the car and decided to drive the length of the island, taking in the houses, beach grass, and gorgeous landscaping. I was in love with the different trees, hedges, and florals and how they were arranged to highlight or disguise the houses.

Fire IslandFire Island

We headed for Southampton and got out to walk the downtown main street, stopping for ice cream, of course. Posh and small, we crossed the town. We stopped into a book shop (I am incapable of passing a bookstore without going in), and it was filled with so many delightful reads I wanted to buy everything. Truly, this shop seemed directly suited to my various reading tastes. It was difficult to leave empty handed knowing I’m still working through stacks of library and Strand books.

Southampton, NY Southampton, NY

After a quick stop into Starbucks (my other weakness), we went back to the car and spent the ride home talking over the day and listening to podcasts. Back in the city in no time, it was an enjoyable first trip out to the Hamptons region and a lovely escape from the city.

Southampton, NY