End of Summer Visit Home

August is always a beautiful month in Michigan and it’s also the month of my Mom’s birthday, so it made sense to head home for an extra long weekend. Since Joe was moving back from D.C. post internship, I decided to hitch a ride and he came up to NYC to pick me up.

We made it worth his while by having dinner at Delmonico’s, where he chose the surf and turf option, having lobster as a starter and the filet for his main. I enjoyed burrata and the branzino and we both had little cakes for dessert. It was delicious without being too heavy, which I appreciated.

The next day we woke up early and hit the road in order to be home in time for a surprise get together on Belle Isle, a favorite of our Mom’s. We coaxed her downtown where Claire had arranged a party with close friends and good food, The showstopper was a beautiful buttercream frosted cake that Claire’s boyfriend made. It was as delicious as it looked!

Friday was a leisure day at home, hanging out on the patio and eating a simple yet decadent brunch in the kitchen with my Mom and Joe. It was summer at home as it should be, casual and calming with good food and good views.

We also managed to get to the cottage in South Haven for a day while home, showing up in time for a beautiful sunset on Friday. After breakfast at a local bakery, we attempted a swim the next day despite the chill, then headed back to paint nails, paint easels, and eat an amazing pizza dinner. Sadly, we headed home after dinner.

Sunday was Joe’s last college move in in East Lansing so I got to go back to the old alma mater and help set up his new house (which is beautiful and spacious and makes me very jealous). We spent the day in athletic wear, moving furniture and refueling with Starbucks, before heading home. I spent a quiet night with the family before hopping on the red eye back to NYC the next morning.

There’s no place like home, something I’ve learned to appreciate living further away. I loved being home for my Mom’s birthday and for the end of summer, and seeing my Aunt and cousin at the cottage was icing on the birthday cake. I’m glad I have my Fall trip booked – and that it includes a game day back at MSU.