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A couple of weekends ago David and I got an early morning workout in that led to afternoon pasta cravings, naturally. We decided to go to one of our favorites, San Marzano, for some “brunch” pasta. Luckily it was the awkward in between time of a very late brunch (2 or 3pm) and we were seated immediately. Thanks to the delicious food and suspiciously low prices (seriously, how is it so cheap?), San Marzano often has quite a wait during peak times. Possibly due partly to the fact that they offer their pasta selection in addition to the brunch items in the morning. Omelette and ragu are a great option list. We took our seats and started the sizable task of choosing a pasta type and sauce from the laundry list of options. He settled on a spiral noodle with bolognese sauce and I went with long noodles and eggplant vegetarian sauce.

San Marzano LESSan Marzano LES NYCSan Marzano LES NYCSan Marzano Pasta LES NYC

The sauce included a mix of some of my favorite things; big chunks of eggplant mixed in a red sauce, with a sizable portion of pesto off to one side and large helping of cheese on top. Of course I opted in on the additional parmesan topping.

San Marzano LES NYCFlatiron NYC Style

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Afterwards we took a stroll over to the Flatiron building, enjoying the end of summer warmth and the unstructured laziness of the afternoon. New York is always crowded, always bustling, but when you allow yourself to slow down the city opens itself up to leisure. Walking from park to park helps as well, the open squares and pockets of nature in between the cramped streets bordered by skyscrapers offer welcome calm and relief.

Tank linked, similar items for everything else. Everything under $50 with the exception of the necklace linked. Tank is on sale for $3 and a great staple to build outfits over that doesn’t wear out too easily.

Flatiron NYC StyleFlatiron NYC StyleFlatiron NYC Style

As summer ends, I’ve been taking every possible opportunity to wear my favorite seasonal pieces. That includes this fun detailed J. Crew skirt and my SJP suede wedges. They’re a little worn in from nights at the bar, but they still bring me joy to wear. Paired with my replacement tote (my previous iteration was stolen, RIP) and my new staple necklace from a D.C. boutique, this outfit ticked all the boxes for a low key weekend day eating pasta on the Lower East Side.

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