Weekend Romp

Two things I love: pancakes (in general, but especially these flavored pancakes), and a good romper. A few weekends ago I got an excellent dose of each, with a side of farmer’s market fresh finds as well. Talk about a perfect Saturday morning! David and I went to our favorite sit-down brunch spot in Brooklyn, Tom’s Restaurant. While David opted for the huevos rancheros, I couldn’t resist the pumpkin walnut pancakes considering the changing of the seasons. Tom’s gives you these delicious flavored butters with their pancakes including cinnamon, pumpkin, and strawberry. Yes, I ate them all. Despite strawberry not being a most compatible flavor, it’s too good to pass up.

Afterwards we talked home and passed through the local farmers market. We got some great fruits and veggies including the most beautiful end of summer tomatoes. They’re on par with the pancakes in terms of deliciousness, though for different reasons obviously. Disappointingly didn’t have any of my reusable bags, but we made the best of it and walked back through the park.

The weather had recently taken a chill and this romper was perfect for the occasion, keeping me warm with longer sleeves but ensuring I wouldn’t over heat on the walk home. I’m making an effort to wear all the summer pieces I can while the season transitions because I already miss my summer wardrobe and what better lace to start than weekend brunch?

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