Goodbye, Summer 2019

The title of this post is a little misleading, considering I spent less weekends here in the city than I did elsewhere this summer. But nevertheless, it was still my first summer in the city so to speak, and despite always wanting more New York I loved my time at home and in Washington, D.C. As Summer 2019 draws to an official close and I come to terms with Fall and all that comes with it, I find myself reflecting fondly on what an action packed summer it was. It’s hard to realize how everything is happening when you’re in the moment and it’s fleeting and fast, but looking back is so wonderful. It seems fitting for the season of Fall as well, when things (metaphorically, seeing as they never actually do) slow down.

When the weather started to chill I was alarmed, I never can get enough of Summer and heat and swim suits and beaches. Especially considering the season always has a long list of never-ending obligations, there’s never enough time for the full seasonal bucket list. Despite that, I eventually accept another season’s passing and excitedly welcome Fall. I am writing this while burning a vanilla pumpkin candle after all (Trader Joe’s, the scent is to die for). Having lived in the Midwest all my life I adore the changing of the seasons and celebrating the customs that are unique to each one.

This summer I had the privilege of traveling, always to see someone I’m fond of in a fun place. Most often Michigan and D.C., as mentioned. Here are some of the memories I’ll be filing away carefully in my mind and in this post, as the highs of Summer 2019.

Beach Runs followed by Lake Swims: While in Michigan, we made several trips to South Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan. Whether just a day trip or more extended, the small town and proximity to the lake were ideal. I would go for my morning runs and end at the lake, wading in and diving under for some relieve from my sweat. Running through the small downtown and past cottages and ending in the water was so summery and enjoyable.

South Haven, Michigan beach

Cafe Breakfasts: D.C., South Haven, NYC, and Detroit all provided excellent brunch opportunities. Whether made by my Mom at home, purchased at a local cafe in South Haven, or a more decadent situation in Georgetown or Alexandria, there was not a single one that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy with the seasonal ingredients.

Bundee’s Bakery South Haven Michigan BrunchHomemade Brunch Avocado ToastFreeman’s NYC Pancake BrunchOatmeals NYCHomemade Brunch BuffetClyde’s Georgetown Brunch

Exploring and Learning a New City: Washington is the main city I think of with this item, although summer NYC qualifies. I hadn’t been to Washington since 8th grade, and with Joe living there I now hold knowledge of downtown and the nearby towns. It’s such a beautiful city, and one I’m so glad I has such easy access to this summer.

Washington D.C. neighborhoodWashington D.C. tourist sightseeing

Casual Downtime in NYC: In between bussing and flying to different summer destinations, the NYC weekends were usually spent modestly. Catching up on relaxation, running in Prospect Park, wandering Manhattan and catching movies at AMC were all standard occasions.

Central Park Summer NYC

Leisure Time in the Park(s): As mentioned, downtime in NYV was usually focused on relaxation and my favorite place for this was always a park, either Prospect Park or Central Park. I would usually take a book over for some fresh air, or a journal for sketching or writing. David and I even decided to make oatmeal and walk it across the street to eat in the park some weekend mornings after the local news suggested “brunching outdoors.”

Oatmeal Outdoors Prospect Park Brooklyn

Now I’ll do my best to turn the page and welcome Fall with all it’s pumpkin delights and promises of impending holidays. Summer 2020 will be here in the blink of an eye, along with a whole new list of exciting opportunities and new memories to be made.