One Year Anniversary, New York

Happy one year, New York City! It’s incredible and impossible that I’ve now been living in this city for a whole year. It seems it must have been five, and at the same time like I’ve just moved here yesterday and might be passing through. Looking back at what I was doing one year ago, it seems like that was me in a much more distant past. So much has been crammed into this year, so many learning moments and so much growth, with the fair share of setbacks and stalling as well. Some things haven’t changed at all, others are unrecognizable after a year of growing.

One thing that hasn’t changed and I’m not sure ever will, is that I adore New York and love living here. Living in Brooklyn has given me an escape from the clutter of Manhattan, working in TriBeCa has allowed me to become familiar with lower Manhattan and its grit and shine. I love the skyline and the small corners, and seeing something new every time I leave my apartment. The people, the passion, the creativity and even the monotony, is all different here in a way that makes me feel at home. I will never grow tired of the surging energy. Living here allows the luxury of stepping away from it when needed, but always having proximity to boundless inspiration. Anonymity is constant and enjoyable here, despite being surrounded by people no matter where you go. I like living near millions of others from all cultures and corners of the world.

One year here is a milestone I might have to stop to reflect on, but with life and the city being what they are chances are I’ll keep cruising on to the next milestone, enjoying this city I love so much along the way.

One year in NYC BrooklynOne year in NYC BrooklynOne year in NYC Brooklyn