Fall Weekend in Michigan

Last weekend I took the time to go home for Claire’s birthday and the MSU homecoming game against Indiana. It was a perfect Fall weekend home and reminded me yet again how wonderful Michigan is in every season for different reasons. I flew in Thursday night and was reminded of the biggest reason when my Mom and dog picked me up from the airport; my family is here and rare as it is we all enjoy each other’s company!

Friday morning I chatted with my Mom before she left for work then got a quick jog around our neighborhood in before sitting down to work from home. Joe showed up mid afternoon while I worked to end an oddly stressful workday (the downsides of working from home: less communication with the team and only one screen to work with). Our Mom saw us off and Joe and I drove up in the evening traffic in time to grab dinner at a local brewery with friends. Instead of heading to the East Lansing bars that night we opted to stay in with friends (mostly his roommates, our mutual friends) and listen to music.

This left us well rested for the next morning, which started with eggs and toast before the tailgates began. Joe and I went down the street from my senior year house and spent the early afternoon playing drinking games with old friends in the front yard. I got to catch up with other alumni and one of my old roommates before heading back to Joe’s to watch the game.

MSU Tailgate

As it got later Joe and I hit the road, sad to part ways with campus and our friends but ready for a birthday dinner. Once home we were greeted by family and the most beautiful table Fall table setting. I’d expect nothing less from my Mom, who is on par with Martha Stewart. We had one of my favorite fall dinners and talked before heading into the living room for presents and a bread pudding cake. Everything was delicious, and the company made the birthday celebrations even better.

Fall TablescapeFall Tablescape DecorFall Dinner Read pudding cakeBread pudding birthday

Sunday was equally laid back as I started the day with a diner breakfast with my Dad before coming home to play board games all afternoon with the family. We played more rounds of Secret Hitler than I could count and finally tore ourselves away to enjoy the fire and more delicious food, of course.

It was extremely difficult to leave Monday morning and not just due to my 6am flight. There’s something irresistible about the changing of the seasons and all of the childhood markings of Fall were present at home. Chilly mornings waking up in my old bedroom, candles and fires in the fireplace, the most delicious pumpkin cookies, and football at MSU. I’m so glad I made it home to celebrate the season and I can’t help but wish away some time to Thanksgiving for the same reasons.