Pumpkin Bread Recipe Review

As a lover of the the changing seasons, it should come as no surprise that I am fully on board the pumpkin flavored wagon. Yes, I live for the section of Trader Joe’s with everything from pumpkin butter spread to pumpkin pancake mix. I highly recommend the rooibos pumpkin Fall tea and the pumpkin Joe’s Os. Fall is also the perfect season to bake, the cooler temperatures making it bearable to heat up the kitchen with the warmth from the oven. I couldn’t resist this recipe for pumpkin bread from Starving to Strong, one of my favorite food Instagrams, and tried my hand at it this past Sunday.

While the recipe includes a chocolate crumble top, I wanted pure pumpkin and something quick and easy and opted for just the first half of the recipe. I also halved the maple syrup amount since I’m not crazy about things being overly sweet. I loved the way it turned out, but in the future in lieu of the chocolate crumble top I’d probably add nuts or chocolate chips or both to enhance the pumpkin. This is definitely a quick and easy (and healthier) Fall recipe I’ll be baking again soon!

Pumpkin Bread RecipePumpkin Bread RecipePumpkin Bread RecipePumpkin Bread RecipePumpkin Bread Recipe