Happy Halloween, 2019!

Happy Halloween! I am truly a sucker for holidays and particularly love the Autumn holiday lead up to Christmas. Something about the changing of the seasons, the excitement of time off spent with family and friends at home, gets me super in the mood for all of the holiday festivities. Aside from the pumpkin recipes, Autumn themed menus in the city, pumpkin flavored drinks, and Halloween costume planning, nothing gets me more in the holiday headspace than a mood board. Below is my mood board for today, filled with pumpkin patches, bat decorations, and black kittens. Anything festive that is exciting for today’s holiday! My mood is definitely higher than usual knowing today is all about the fun things shown on the board below, and I’ll be celebrating accordingly even if I have to be at work most of the day!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 8.16.41 AM.png