London Packing List

Continuing with the London content but on a slightly different note, I thought it’d be helpful to share what I packed for London. It worked out that for once in my recent years I had packed the perfect capsule wardrobe, and the only issue was some items I packed and didn’t use. I’ll take that over missing essential items any day! Below is a definitive list of what I packed to brave the wet London Autumn from shoes to jewelry, and what I actually ended up wearing day to day (or: what you can leave behind to save space should you be planning a visit). It’s worth noting that I managed with a tote purse and a small carry on suitcase, slightly stuffed but it made it!

Aside from the clothing pictured, I included a small makeup bag and my straightener. However, the English voltage killed my trusty old straightener and I had to buy a new one once I was back stateside. Beware the voltage if you’re using beloved tech!

What to pack for LondonWhat to pack for LondonWhat to pack for London

Anticipating colder temperatures I packed long sleeve blouses and a few sweaters. I’m glad I did! The light tops went unworn (the autumn orange blouse) and the cashmere sweaters were on repeat.

What to pack for London

I rotated jeans throughout the week and kept my leggings to airport attire only which helped me look more put together even when jet lagged and running on little sleep.

What to pack for London

Sadly not worn: everything in this picture. I was a little scared to bare my legs in case it was colder than expected outside so never committed to a dress or a skirt despite having tights. I ended up being comfortable in what I had so no regrets.

What to pack for London

Undershirts galore helped me layer under sweaters for some added warmth which I was always glad to have! London Fall Packing ListLondon Fall Packing List

I brought two coats and two pairs of shoes, one waterproof for rainier days and one of black and brown to match different pieces I packed. It turned out perfectly, even with a good balance of wearing each.

All in all, I really didn’t need more than my carry on and tote bag so I’m glad I didn’t overpack a checked bag. I liked the simplicity of choosing from a capsule wardrobe and being able to get ready quicker in the morning while looking put together. Traveling light is always the better option when compared to the alternative!