Eating My Way Through London

When traveling I do enjoy seeing the sights, locals, Architecture, culture. But my favorite thing to include in my tours? Food, and a lot of it. It’s what I research the most before leaving, stalking incessantly on Instagram to plan out which delicious bites to prioritize and always finding there isn’t enough time to try even a fraction of the delights I have bookmarked. I definitely made a great effort in London and here are the highlights, incidentally my favorite of the London recap posts. Besides eating, looking at food is probably my favorite past time.

EL&N cafe London smoothie bowlEL&N London food

My first London meal was an Indian dinner near the London Eye that was eaten too quickly for pictures, such was the appetite and the delicious food. The next morning (my first in the city) we wandered in the neighborhood and found EL&N cafe which just looks like a pastry confection itself. I went for a hearty shakshuka which was satisfying in every way, while David got the smoothie bowl. We were completely full which was shame taking a look at the pastries on display.

EL&N cafe London pastriesFranco manca wood fired sourdough pizza LondonVegan ice cream London Soho

I got to meet up with two good friends from NYC who are in London for some delicious pizza at a chain, Franco Manca, that was affordable as it was incredible. We followed up with vegan ice cream in Soho. Mint chip is one of my weaknesses and you can’t tell the difference between vegan and the real thing anymore.

Kin London food

The next morning I wandered until I found a cafe that looked inviting (which didn’t take long). I ordered the sweet potato hash and had what might have been my favorite London meal. I’m very easily pleased and a combo of potato, eggs, and greens satisfies all of my most favorite cravings. Afterwards I headed to the Borough Markets to meet my friends and take in the sights and smells of far too many delicious options for food.

Borough markets LondonBorough markets LondonBorough markets LondonFocaccia borough markets LondonBorough markets cinnamon rolls LondonDonuts London

It was hard to resist the gorgeous inventions on display at so many shops. The above donuts were entertaining not only for their inclusion of every delicious treat imaginable but for the creative names.

Harrods cupcakes LondonBrixton London full English vegetarian breakfastBrixton banana pancakes London brunchNando’s salad LondonEnglish breakfast vegetarian Manchester

As you can see u had my fair share of English breakfasts, which luckily for me they readily provide vegetarian options for. Another meal that combines some of my favorite foods, with eggs and beans and a bit of veg, I couldn’t be more pleased starting each day in London with such a hearty meal.

Borough markets LondonBorough markets LondonNational Gallery London croissant and coffeeFish and chips London

How could I visit London without a fish and chips meal? I added the mushy peas on the side to pretend it was a well balanced healthy meal but I don’t think I was fooling anybody but myself. Every bit of the salty deep fried goodness was devoured. I can definitely see how something so delicious could become a staple.

Pancakes Notting Hill LondonStreet food Portobello road London Italian dinner London FitzroviaItalian restaurant London profiteroles

My last dinner in London was at a lovely Italian place across the street from the flat. The Pasta was cooked perfectly al Dante, the profiteroles that followed were pure heaven.

Coffee and scones LondonCoffee and scones London

After a delicious afternoon tea (post to come) I was craving scones and so arranged my final breakfast in London accordingly. We went out early for scones a lattes, stacking the clotted cream and jam and stuffing our faces. It was a London dream, the perfect parting meal. I’m still dreaming of scones and topping in New York.

Sprouted avocado toast London

Before leaving I tried to return to the cafe where I had the lovely sweet potato hash but unfortunately they were closed. This sprouted avo and beet hummus toast helped the pain of missing out on a second helping.

Food will always be my favorite part of any trip but London certainly set the bar high. My list of restaurants to try would take a year to get through so rest assured I will be back soon enough to continue my international food tour!