Giving Podcasts a Listen

Prior to this year I was not a podcast listener, and on the contrary I was rather against them. Not in any active way, I would just be annoyed if I was in the car and somebody wanted to listen to podcasts, despite always enjoying the story when that situation would take place. Earlier this year I had to shift my diet a bit to accommodate my apparently high cholesterol, and I got into the world of health podcasts. I don’t even remember how or why I first gave one a listen but once I did I was hooked. I would listen to hours of plant based health podcasts while sitting at my desk at work. I’ve learned so many amazing facts and gained helpful advice from some of my favorites.

Not long after, using my recommended section, I found some more lifestyle focused podcasts and began delving into that category as well. By far my favorite find has been The Simple Sophisticate. After sharing countless podcasts with my family urging them to eat more plants and vegetables, I’m sure they were all relieved to receive this recommendation which highlights every day indulgences and savoring the sweet life on a daily basis. I’ve spread the good word to all my friends and haven’t gotten any bad feedback for this one. The creator Shannon’s voice feels like an old companionable friend and her content is inspiring. I’m now an avid blog reader along with listening to the podcast and receiving her weekly newsletter.

Below are the podcasts I found once I started listening and what I love about each of them. These are the ones I go back to when I need something to listen to while I work or run. If you have any recommendations, send them my way! Otherwise you can find me registering to the below until I have them memorized…

Favorite podcasts

All of my favorites: my Cosmo, a library book, and an old reliable podcast.

Deliciously Ella: Ella records her podcast with her husband and business partner and covers all things health and wellness. I especially enjoyed the diet focused topics that highlight how you can transition to a plant based diet easily and the benefits of such a diet. The topics and guests are so interesting and the format of the podcast makes for a fascinating and informative listen.

Food for Thought: the host, Rhiannon Lambert, was a guest on Deliciously Ella and I immediately looked up her podcast after hearing her episode. I love her voice and her outlook on lifestyles and much like Ella’s podcast, the guests and topics cover various health and wellness subjects.

Up First: I listen to NPR’s podcast every morning while I get ready for work for some basic background on the big news items of the day. It helps me feel informed beyond the headlines and have a basic knowledge of what’s happening in the world.

The Simple Sophisticate: as mentioned above, I am a huge fan of this podcast, blog, etc. Shannon offers her thoughts on many topics from food, holidays, Style, networking, the list goes on. Each podcast is a treat itself and finished up with a recommendation for a simple book, movie, show, or other topic that Shannon is enjoying. Everything about it feels familiar and fascinating and I highly recommend this for an easy listen.

Feel Better Live More: with a name like that, who wouldn’t want to listen? Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s episodes are calming to listen to and offer a wealth of information on how to enhance your life through your health, covering a wide array of topics and welcoming experts who chime in with the facts.

SuperSoul Conversations: if you want to feel inspired, Oprah is always a good place to turn to. I stated listening to these conversations at work and each is calming and inspiring in different fways.

There are a few others that I really enjoy but haven’t listened to as regularly lately including The Plant Proof Podcast, WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women, Girls Gotta Eat (which I saw a live show of in Brooklyn), and The Freckled Foodie.