2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is… the inevitable holiday gift guide! As someone who is enjoying holiday shopping currently although acknowledging the impending “deadlines” for the gift giving, I felt I’d share a short list of fantastic items to give for gifts, planned or last minute. Perfect for everybody on your list from the foodie to the friend who loves indulging in luxury. 

When I shop for gifts big or small I like to tailor them to the recipient as much as possible, or else make it a useful and fun gift. One of my favorites to give (and receive) was the Apple Airpods. I use them everyday and they’re an everyday luxury I wouldn’t have otherwise bought for myself. A fun coffee table book that can be enjoyed anytime or spruce up a bookshelf can be personalized based on the topic, from Star Wars to fashion and interiors. Being from the Midwest, outerwear is a classic gift idea because it’s a given that everybody has to go outside and brave the elements. Little luxuries like chocolates, grooming kits, fun socks, or jewelry (at a good price) are also good fallbacks. If nothing else, let this serve as a short list reminder of fun and small items you can hunt down for loved ones.

London Hair Care Set / Barbour Wash Bag / Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Ralph’s American Breakfast Tea / Rainy Days Candle / Quilted Gloves

AirPods / Star Wars Year by Year / Cashmere Lined Gloves

Sticker Pocket / Champagne Socks / Rexy Key Purse

Padlock Necklace / Fashion Book / Fair Isle Hat

Visual Life Book / Cashmere Tech Glove / Fur Throw

Penguin Classics / Diptyque Mimosa / Santa Dog Socks

Martha’s Grilling / Luggage Tag / Facial Spray

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If all else fails, head to Trader Joe’s and scoop up one of their many seasonal items that have been tempting me every time I go for groceries. Can’t beat a tin of Italian cookies!