Santaconned: A Family Affair

Santacon is but once a year, and last weekend my favorite non-official holiday descended upon the streets of NYC. Just like last year, I took to the bars in a Santa hat. This year I was lucky to have not only my friends with me, but Claire and Joe. Claire and I donned matching costumes (Amazon has so many options it’s dizzying) and Joe put on a festive sweater. We met up with my friends in the morning and made our way over to the Lower East Side, the first ones at the first bar we tried before moving to an old favorite bar of mine where we spent too much at the door and drank too much inside. We danced for hours, requesting favorite songs and in general having a great time.

We called it a day in the early afternoon, drunk enough to stumble over to my favorite LES pasta place and fill our stomachs with necessary sustenance. From there it was a trip home to sit in sweats on the couch watching Gossip Girl while we built up the energy to rally (and rally we did, going back out for holiday lights and tea). It was such a fun day filled with costumes, dancing, and pasta, so all of my favorite things.

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