Favorite Media of 2019

Another year coming to a close and what a year it was. I feel so very lucky to be closing out the year surrounded by the people I love after spending the holidays enjoying their company, along with vast amounts of delicious food. With every year I become more aware of and astounded by just how fortunate I am to have the things I have, especially my relationships.

This year I also spent a lot of time consuming movies, books, and music thanks to AMC A-list, Apple Music, and my local library. Most everything I saw, listened to, or watched made some impression on me but there were some that I’ve thought of frequently after the fact, even many months afterwards. Below are some of these highlights, the best of the best in my personal opinion. What are some of your favorite media highlights from 2019?


Vice: There’s a reason this one was nominated for Oscars. A truly riveting and impeccably done retelling of recent U.S. political history.

Family: This was unexpected but I truly enjoyed this story from start to finish. It was funny, well written and acted, and a fun watch.

Rocketman: Truly deserves Oscars. Entertaining, heartbreaking, fun, and flashy all in one. I’m still listening to the soundtrack on repeat, its expertly done.

Yesterday: I expected a fun and original movie and it still managed to outpace my expectations. A fun and wholehearted watch from start to finish.

Brittany Runs a Marathon: Another under the radar, but so funny and authentic I enjoyed every minute. An inspiring and relatable story with moments to laugh and cry and feel seen.


Crazy Rich Asians Series: Jumped on the bandwagon a bit late with this one but this trilogy was a gossipy and indulgent ride that I loved every step of the way and most certainly did not want to end after three books.

5 am, Fifth Avenue: An intriguing look behind the making of one of my all time favorites, Breakfast at Tiffanys. Following everybody involved from the producers to the stars, as one might expect there is a fascinating story behind the movie.

Becoming: Michelle Obama is such an inspiring icon for women today and her story only reinforced my opinion that she is someone to be revered. An inside look at her childhood, young life, life at the White House. It’s a fantastic read for so many reasons.

Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero: I wanted to learn more about my brother’s favorite President and his recommendation did not let me down. I love knowing more about the history of our nation and of course JFK is a memorable US icon.

The Last Collection: A delightfully fun find from the recent releases shelf at the library, this book has fashion and rivalry, all in war-torn Paris. A wonderful read that went by too quickly.

At the Waters Edge: Plucked from the shelves at home, this tale is another fun novel full of drama and feminine heroism. I loved it all from the setting to the story.

Party Girls Die in Pearls: I found this one at the Strand and it was such a fun and flashy murder mystery. I’ve been meaning to seek out some of the author’s other work and haven’t yet but it’s on my 2020 to do list!

The Heavens: Another from the new releases at the library, an original story and unique telling that held me enraptured in the realities it presented. This immersive story did not let go until the last page.


It’s more than a little all over the place which is how my music taste usually runs anyway. Some 2019 favorites and highlights in the linked playlist!

Favorites Playlist