A Winter Boston Weekend

Last weekend I took advantage of the long holiday weekend with a girl’s trip to Boston, significant because it was with my oldest girlfriends from high school and childhood. We met up in Boston for a slightly freezing, all fun weekend spent partaking in some of our favorite old past-times. Daily brunches at home were spent catching up on our personal lives and discussing the struggles of our current events. During the days we packed in a museum visit, a trip around Harvard, shopping, and exploring the North End. Of course, in between all that was Starbucks trips, delicious Tatte lunches, a fantastic Italian restaurant, and plenty of dessert (Milk bar and Mike’s pastry of course). We whiled away the cold evening hours with old movies, rewatching Freaky Friday and National Treasure 2, before braving the snowy streets Saturday night for jello shots at Fenway. If this sounds like a perfectly balanced weekend spent with best friends, that’s because it certainly was. Highlight photos (mostly of food but a few of my beautiful friends) are below!

Gardener Museum BostonGardener Museum BostonHarvard BostonMilk Bar BostonBoston Girls WeekendBoston Girls WeekendCiao Bella BostonNorth End Boston ItalianCiao Bella Boston Girls Weekend BostonMikes Pastry BostonTatte Bakery Boston