My Trial with ClassPass NYC

I’ve been meaning to give Class Pass a try since summer of 2017 when I was living in Chicago but only got around to it this year thanks to their extended trial period after the New Year. The model has changed a bit since they first started with classes costing different amounts of credits and Class Pass offering a scale of credit packages per month. My free trial included 30 days and 35 credits, and since I was in town a decent amount for the month I was able to make the most of it.

For my first class I went to FitHouse boxing class near Union Square. I had previously tried a HIIT/Yoga class for free at this studio so It was familiar. I didn’t like that I had to purchase wraps for the boxing but that’s standard. The layout of the class was stations with some rowing, weights, boxing, etc. I really enjoyed the pace and variety and the showers were spacious which is always nice.

For my second class I did a strength class at Crunch fitness. It reminded me of the workouts my CrossFit loving Uncle sets up when we visit. Lots of weights and difficult moves but I enjoyed the challenge. Proximity to my apartment was nice as well as I could go home to shower.

My third class was a Beginner’s Adult Ballet course at the Mark Morris dance center, also in Brooklyn. I went on a Saturday morning and extremely enjoyed the reintroduction to ballet after a 5+ year hiatus. The level of experience was broad across attendees and I felt comfortable and welcomed there. This class made me consider keeping the Class Pass membership more than any other.

My final class used up all 16 remaining credits, which was intentional since I’m leaving for a trip and only had 2 days left regardless. I wanted to try Barry’s but the times were inconvenient so I went to Rumble, a boxing favorite of my coworkers. The class was only 45 minutes so not the most bang for your buck so to speak but it was a fun and challenging workout and I liked the energy.

At the end of the day, I did cancel my membership due to the cost (and my trip but mostly cost). I really enjoyed mixing up my workouts and having a good reason to be out of bed early. It’s definitely something I’m going to consider adding back in the future to keep things interesting and do ballet regularly, but with travel monopolizing my budget it’s a little unrealistic.