Cozy Luxe Hoodie

For Christmas this year and always, the family knocked it out of the park with spot on gifts I’ve had on repeat for since the holiday. One such gift was this impossibly soft navy hooded sweater, complete with soft velvet ties. It’s so cozy that I’ve been wearing it nonstop, especially when traveling. The best part is it looks extra luxe for a pullover so I’ve even worn this little gem to work (granted my office is casual). It makes lounging around the apartment look cool, and means that I don’t have to change when adventure calls and I leave my apartment. No doubt I’ll be wearing it clear through April given the weather, but I can’t even be mad in a sweater this soft and cute.

I’ve linked a similar Banana Republic hoodie for under $50 and two other fashionable cozy options! Also my jeans and watch, both of which are my favorites and worn nearly daily.

Similar Hoodie // Jeans // Watch

More Hoodie Options

 Luxe comfy hoodieLuxe cozy hoodieLuxe cozy hoodieLuxe cozy hoodieLuxe cozy hoodie