Self-Distancing Tunes

Well, things have certainly changed very drastically in the last week. It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was returning to the office after a week in London and Munich, feeling jet lagged but ready to get back to corporate life. Tuesday we had an agency-wide meeting and Wednesday we started working from home. I was holed up in my Brooklyn apartment Wednesday through Friday last week, only leaving for a run in the park or the morning gym and honestly I was thriving, it was just what I needed after a week of travel. Things started escalating in NYC towards the end of the week and that’s when I booked a flight to Chicago to be with family, ending up back in Michigan today to continue working from home but now with my family around me.

Being close to loved ones and able to self-distance is a consolation, and I feel very lucky to have those capabilities and be able to spend this time in comfort with the worry of illness. My heart goes out to those who are affected by the disease, or who are unable to elect to work from home. I’m hoping that as more businesses and public places close, more people can stay home as they choose. That being said, the lasting effects on the economy are also a bit concerning.

However! We have enough coverage of the downsides of this pandemic in the media. I wanted to share a playlist that I will be grooving to while I work from home and in general stay away from the public. There’s some new music out by my all time favorite artists which is well timed to keep spirits high when things get too quiet. Below is my playlist, let me know what you’re listening to this week!

 Work From Home Tunes