Work From Home Wear

Today marks two weeks since I started working from home, and I’m still getting the hang of my schedule and habits that come with the shift. One thing that I’ve excelled at from the beginning of this social distancing time has been dressing for the day. I prefer a mix of athleisure and sweats. If I went full blown pajamas I wouldn’t be productive at all but what’s the point of working from home if you’re not capitalizing on the fact that you can wear loungewear?

My go to has been leggings or joggers, a long sleeve, and a sweatshirt or cardigan with my slippers. Close enough to something I would wear out of the house (and matching well enough to face public when I do go on lunchtime walks outside). I’ve had some fun rounding up some super affordable and super cute work from home wear, all linked below. From matching sets to house slippers, it’s a fun list to peruse when considering how to be your best work self from your sofa or bedroom desk or kitchen counter. No judgement, we’re all just making it work!

Also might be a good idea to throw some face masks onto your weekly (or daily) Amazon order. Perfect for slapping on in between Zoom meetings, my skin has never felt so pampered even if my hair has never been washed less… please reference and enjoy my working from home vibe in the post photo. Face mask, leggings, La Croix. What more could a girl need to weather the day’s client crises?

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