A Weekend in Munich

After a lovely week in London, Joe and I capped off the trip with a short weekend in Munich, Germany, visiting an old friend. The time flew by but it was so much fun to visit a new country, not to mention to reunite with our friend (after two whole years!). We only had one full day but managed to pack plenty of sightseeing and delicious food in.

Munich, Germany dumplings

Once we arrived we headed out to dinner with our local friend, Lorian. We went to a Bavarian beer inn of course. Being vegetarian, I was a little worried about finding something to eat. These veggie dumplings were so dense and sitting in a bowl of cheese sauce… so basically heaven on the table and shortly in my stomach. The boys opted for meat and beer, naturally.

Munich, Germany Bavarian Breakfast

Dachau Munich, Germany

The next morning we hit the road early, having a Bavarian breakfast (pretzel with butter, my dream meal). We took the train to Dachau, and spent the morning touring the site. The museum is incredible, and it was sobering but important to tour. It was awe inspiring to see such a significant historical site in person. We left feeling extremely somber, but it was my favorite tourist site because of its significance.

Munich, Germany Latte

Afterwards we warmed up with coffee and lunch, before heading out to see more of the city. We went through the University, which was so grand and beautiful, before seeing a library and a church. We ended up at the English Gardens watching surfers on the wintery river waves. Highly entertaining but I was cold just watching!

Munich, GermanyMunich, GermanyMunich, Germany

We stopped in a museum and toured some art on the main floor before walking through beautiful gardens, even in the chilly pre-Spring season. After grabbing a Starbucks hot chocolate to warm up, we headed across town at twilight to meet friends at dinner.

Munich, GermanyMunich, GermanyMunich, GermanyMunich, Germany StyleMunich, GermanyMunich, Germany Pint

Anybody who knows me knows I don’t like beer… any other alcohol is preferred. However, when in Germany you do as the Germans do and so I had to have at least one pint. Luckily I knew I was partial to light beers and ended up enjoying this one! Though I’ll still be reserving my beer intake for trips to Germany. Of which I’m already planning the next one!