April 2020 Inspiration

Happy April, aka Spring! To me, April marks the official start to Spring and its certainly enforced this idea in the past week with plenty of sun and some traditional Midwest thunderstorms. The grass is greener than ever, there are pansies in the window boxes (thanks, Mom), and despite not being able to experience another Spring in NYC this year I’m still enjoying the season. To celebrate the new month and new challenges, below are some odds and ends that are relevant to the passage of a new month, even during these odd times, including a mood board, playlist that I’m listening to right now, and a little intention or to do list to keep me on track this month.

April Intentions:

Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables: I don’t know about you, but I’ve been digging into the quarantine snacks hard and it’s been a lot less of the natural type of snacking. This month I want to be sure to mix in some fresh food with my chips and chocolate.

Clean out closets and bookshelf: Might as well make the most of being home by cleaning out the last of my residual clutter from my Mom’s house, right? I’ve been meaning to de-clutter my apartment for quite a while but this will be good practice until I’m back.

Read more: I know a lot of people are using this time to get to their “to read” list and I’ve been doing the same. While losing my commute reading time set me back initially, I have a new reading routine taking advantage of the mornings when I wake up since I don’t have to rush out of bed to prep for work.

Practice gratitude, safety, and tolerance: now more than ever it makes a world of difference to practice gratitude for the little things, like one’s health (which is really a very big thing) and loved ones, that we regularly take for granted. Being home during this situation is helping me be grateful for the food, family, technology, and work that I have during this time and always.

What’s Inspiring Me:


What I’m Listening To:

April Playlist