London Food Tour ’20

Ah, my favorite type of post: one revolving around food and travel food in particular. The time spent in London was spent running around town, which requires an adequate amount of food to fuel. Luckily, Joe turned out to be as big a fan of the English breakfast as I am (though he opts for the full meat version while I go for veg).

First stop was my favorite cafe a few blocks away. This plate has some of my all time favorite foods and tastes like a million. That night we went for burgers where I ordered a veggies option and ate my weight in rosemary fries (is there anything more delicious?).

Veggie full English, another combo some of my favorite foods and the perfect breakfast. That night we went to Red Farm in Covent Garden for a friends reunion. My favorite was the shrimp appetizer, perfectly fried and delicious.

The next morning we waited in the chilly weather for 30 minutes for the best pancakes in London, and were not disappointed. Certainly worth the wait, the plates all sounds delicious but the real star of every one is the most perfect pancake I’ve possibly ever had. That’s impressive from a true pancake addict. Joe and I went for sushi ate Flesh and Buns nearby in Fitzrovia that night. The rolls were delicious and perfectly paired with sweet potato, which is fantastic in any form but a real treat grilled with the sauce.

The next night we were headed to our host’s favorite middle eastern counter but were too late to stay and eat so ended up at a pub across the street. We had stumbled upon the most amazing Mediterranean food, evidence above in the mezze plate I got and devoured in record time. The next night I took Joe to my favorite fast-casual past chain, Franco Manca’s. Can’t beat the prices or the sourdough (of which we got an extra appetizer plate of course).

Food is always the highlight of my travels and this London trip did not disappoint, adding several more places I’ll need to return to next trip across the pond.