James Bond Car Exhibit London

While in London doing a tour of the museums as one does, Joe and I noticed a special exhibit at the film museum in Covent Garden featuring the cars from James Bond. Both being film buffs and fans of the franchise, we made a point to stop in one rainy afternoon. It was a wonderful exhibit, full of cars and fun facts and video clips with some fun memorabilia thrown in as well. It definitely made me want to head home and have a full on Bond marathon (which I still will need to do before the release of the new film, even if it is delayed). If you’re in London while the exhibit is running and have any interest in film or cars, I highly recommend the exhibit. It isn’t free but it’s well the the 15 pounds or so per person (don’t quote me on that). Afterwards make sure to enjoy dinner at one of the lovely nearby pubs or trendy restaurants. We had apps at Red Farm when reuniting with our London friends and their menu is definitely fun albeit pricy.

 James Bond London Film MuseumJames Bond London Film Museum

Not only were the cars featured fascinating, but there were little props and storyboards as well. Some costumes from the yet unreleased film were on display, and it made me even more excited for the new chapter (more anticipation now that the release is delayed).

James Bond London Film MuseumJames Bond London Film MuseumJames Bond London Film Museum

What with quarantine and all, it’s fun to imagine the places we might go once this is over. I certainly look forward to the days when I can wander a museum again!