Oversize Sweater Appreciation

Sweater weather continues so sweater posts will continue as well! Counting down the days until I can wear dresses outdoors without getting goosebumps (just kidding, impossible to know when that will ever happen in Michigan). In the meantime, it’s all cozy sweaters all the time. A personal quarantine tragedy for me is how unprepared I was when I left NYC – I fully believed I’d be back by the beginning of April. For that reason I left with one (ONE) change of clothes and an extreme lack of items I’ve since wished I had. This sweater is one such item, and oversize soft v-neck that I’ve worn on repeat since I bought it in the Fall and took these pictures… talk about a posting delay. Either way, I’ve linked some similar sweaters in case you need to stock up for the remainder of the cold weather. Unless you’re lucky to be quarantined somewhere warm, in which case I am extremely jealous. Send some sun!

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