A Little Bit Rusty…

It seems like it’s been ages since I shared a fashion post here, and not only because of the two month gap in blogging, but also because it was just not a focus even back in May. While I saw quarantine as a time to focus more on my blogging, this was counterintuitive. I share what I do, what I love, and exciting life events here and very much enjoy looking back on posts from my past. During the spring there wasn’t much that I saw worth celebrating, and even packages resulting from online shopping didn’t incite excitement. It just wasn’t a very happy time for me, despite there being some great moments and days at home.

Things seem to have shifted either in my outlook and mindset or even in life itself (in terms of global environment maybe) and I feel interest in sharing things here once again. Things like some of the online shopping I did in Spring knowing all my favorite treasured clothing pieces were hostage and gathering dust in my Brooklyn apartment (and still are, sad).

I discovered Loft sales, or rather they discovered me through targeting demographics, and I answered the call. This ruffly blouse has been on repeat this summer and not only because it’s one of the few cute things I have at home. It looks good with a bit of a Summer glow or even without one, since it brings it’s own glow. Paired with white shorts, it worked well for a masked brunch with a few friends.