South Haven Summer

This summer has a lot of restrictions, but here in Michigan we made the best of it. As serendipity would have it, the second summer of the cottage passed with many a week spent at the lake. From the blurred blue mornings on Lake Michigan, diving into cool (or downright icy) water after a run, to the painted sky sunsets. We spent the days in the waves, lounging in the grass patch backyard with books, eating bags of kettle corn on the screened in porch while playing board games.

Now that our cousins are getting older we decided to have a “Cousins Cottage” weekend with just us kids. We did all the same activities, but with the added excitement of an illicit Meijer trip for gushers, lucky charms, marshmallows, hot Cheetos, etc. Peter did manage to make some delicious breakfast and tacos so we didn’t completely spin out on sugar.

Lake Michigan was my solace in a summer where nothing was normal. Being near the water in the summer is pure Michigan in the best way. Though I’ll be back to needing flights to get there next summer, I’ll be making the trip as often as possible.