Return to the Met

Around the same time I came back to the city, museums were cleared to reopen at a certain capacity. I haven’t yet checked off every museum in Manhattan, not even the most notable or recognized ones, but I have been to the Met a fair share and I know my favorite exhibits. I decided to go back one weekend, as if to visit an old friend now that I was back in the city.’

I spent hours looping around the massive museum checking exhibits off of my mental list of old favorites, including the Impressionists, the French rooms, and the Egyptian wing. I also stumbled upon some new sights including a special exhibit on London firearms where I looked at pistols that I’ve seen the likes of in the hands of Captain Jack Sparrow. I wandered through a hall filled with armor and read a plate to find the suit had supposedly been worn by the infamous King Henry VIII.

I also found the lower level fashion exhibit that my sister had mentioned that morning and looked at vintage Dior and flapper style beaded shift dresses. Afterwards I wandered home along the park, savoring my new proximity to a favorite Manhattan haunt and the renewed opportunity to see so many inspiring pieces of art again in person.