Back to Brunch

Last month over Labor Day weekend I had an exciting post-quarantine NYC “first” when I returned to the brunch scene. We had brunch in Michigan and having someone serve me my favorite omelette with lavender French press felt like pure luxury. This was no different in terms of excitement to be back in action, although not needed a DD in order to partake in many mimosas was nice.

My friends and I met midday at a Chelsea restaurant, seated at a larger table in the makeshift street seating. We sat under the tent talking and laughing over breakfast tacos and omelettes while having back to back mimosas.

Afterwards we went back to a friend’s rooftop for White Claws and drinking games. The weather was warm, the view was incredible, and there was no argument to be made for better things to do in a city with pandemic restrictions. It was the perfect care-free Labor Day Weekend Saturday. Nothing makes day drinking more appealing than being in bed by midnight after pizza and waking up refreshed rather than hungover!