January 2021 Mood Board

Welcome to a whole new year! I’m going to skip right over all the harping on 2020 and skip to the outlook for 2021 – which is bright! Yes, we are still mid-pandemic. But there is finally tangible hope in the form of a vaccinations being mobilized. All that aside, January is traditionally a time to set some new resolve in the form of resolutions. I didn’t set one this year, aside from continuing the current work I’ve been doing on mindset and wellness which has been paying off despite the current state of things. While I spend the majority of January in Michigan enjoying my family’s new puppy at home, I’m leaning into the snowy chalet vibes in my mood board below. It helps romanticize the terrible weather despite the Midwest’s lack of sunshine!

And of course, a bonus pic of the cute little guy keeping me here rather than back in NYC (shout out to work from home).