A Snowy Walk in NYC

Every time I tell somebody in the city that I’m from Michigan, they reply that I must be “used to this.” This being the endless winter we’re in now that it’s February and we’ve been hit with two snowstorms in quick succession. Honestly, I’m not a fan of winter myself and therefore I’ve never quite gotten used to it… but with the work from home situation I am far more appreciative of the pretty snow-globe look to the city when it’s fresh. I was able to make it to the park quite a few times during or after the snowfall and it’s just as magical looking as you might think.

While every visit to the park causes me to fall in love all over again (and I go everyday), these snowy views did a special job of it over the last week. I’m still looking forward to Spring of course. But I don’t mind the view in the meantime.