March 2021 Mood Board

Happy end of March and beginning of Spring! I considered skipping the March mood board altogether since it’s quite late in the month (three days left? Four?) and just going straight to a Spring or April board, but I had this one made at the beginning of the month and my only excuse for the posting disconnect is pure laziness and lack of motivation to write a post. Life has been all action no reflection lately, but as luck would have it being back home and with the family at the lake this weekend has given me the distance and time needed to pause and post (and write and sleep etc. and so on). So here it is, a bit delayed, very moody as March tends to be, and to be swiftly followed by other mood boards since they’re currently my favorite and easiest thing to put together. While I can say things have picked back up as far as activities, none of them are quite photo worthy or worth reporting so for now the most photogenic and newsworthy item for the blog are these Pinterest collages. I feel certain this will change very soon. Here’s to an optimistic end of the month!

To make up for the delay, some things I’ve been loving this month:

  • Reinstating my AMC A-List and seeing The Courier and Chaos Walking (wasn’t crazy about either)
  • Secondhand shopping at Crossroads, my long-time favorite thrift store (found the most beautiful blouse I might have to photograph)
  • Bottomless brunches… nothing says Saturday morning like endless mimosas
  • Ice cream… admittedly I’ve gone on more than one ice cream dates this month and I have 0 complaints
  • Rediscovering my hobbies, painting and reading magazines more
  • MaxDelivery which I used when I was devastatingly sick this month (not COVID). Not only were the charges minimal, but they have a welcome gift of NYC baked goods from local hot spots. It made my week!

That’s all for now! Until next time… may it not be quite so long.