May 2021 Mood Board

Spring is in full swing and between the explosion of flowers in Central Park and being surrounded by lilacs while home, I can’t get enough of this season. Being fully vaccinated just makes everything feel more opportunistic and while I know May will be past in the blink of an eye as usual, I intend to make the most of each moment. Per the mood board, my May is all about dreamy spaces, endless blooms, and hours spent reading in bed or in the park.

Every month I set a few goals for myself that range from lofty to minuscule, things that I think will improve my day to day life or things that I just need to get done. This month’s goals revolve mainly around creating, and my drive to do more of it which has been growing with time.

One of my three main goals has been to launch an Etsy shop for the illustrations and paintings I do in my free time. As a way to incentivize myself to keep making the time, and hopefully at some point make some side savings. It’s a win-win for me no matter what happens, and I’m happy to announce that I created a shop this morning on a whim! Since it was a rather spur-of-the-moment launch, I’ll be intermittently adding more examples of the things that catch my fancy and end up on the pages of my sketchbook. Let me know what you think!

However you choose to spend the most attractive of the Spring months (in my biased opinion – my birthday is in May), I hope the month hold endless opportunity and excitement for you.