Spring Walk in Central Park

Now that summer is here, it seems about time I post my appreciation for watching the park and the city come to life through spring. The pictures make me smile even as we renter the next beautiful season here.

Nothing brings me more joy than a walk in the park and lately my walks have been even more brilliant and gorgeous thanks to the spring blooms popping up everywhere. The sun shining on bright yellow daffodils, window cherry blossom petals, post-rain vibrant green stems and buds and trees. Every morning there’s new progression to the spring plant growth and every weekend more blossoms appear. It takes my breath away every time, and needless to say I’ve taken bunches of pictures. Even the tulips on Park Avenue defy the concrete surrounding them with their cheery yellow petals. watching the city come to life in a multitude of ways has been positively hopeful, and I’m so glad to welcome warmer nights and sunny days to stay.