June 2021 Mood Board

Happy Summer! Time is speeding along as it does always but especially in the spring and summer. The city has come back to life in most every way and the warm weather has brought the energy up in spades. It’s so exciting to be considering new opportunities post-Covid and with summer in the city arriving. Going to the park every morning the explosion of greenery is astounding and beautiful, and such a welcome change from the dull grey of the winter. The colorful spring blooms have transitioned to full leaves on most bushes and trees and everything glows from the rain. Can you tell I love the park in warm months? I’m obsessed.

With June I’m hoping to balance the weekend trips away with time in my city, and to celebrate down time in addition to all of the social plans being made. My mood board for the month reflects an eagerness to explore the city, make the most of my sundresses, and lean into park dates with bffs and happy hours. I’m excited for another month full of things I love, things to look forward to, and new surprises.